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Blackstone Steakhouse

Web Design & Development

Visiting a steakhouse is never a rushed experience, you expect a level of sophistication that is facilitated by the ambiance of the restaurant and the build up of excitement that is brought forth by the extended wait times after placing your order. We wanted to replicate the same unrushed experience for the visitors to this website.

Challenging the traditional rules of web design, we have put creative obstacles that force the users to go against their habitual instinct of flying from page-to-page without being consciously aware and, instead, slow down and take in the experience of visiting a steakhouse that we tried to mimic with our website.

Blackstone Steakhouse

Web Design & Development

Promo Video

The social media pages of Blackstone Steakhouse have had very little media posted on them over their years of operation. We wanted to give their loyal customer base who have been frequenting the steakhouse a little glimpse of what goes on inside the restaurant's lively kitchen. 

Looping Videos

In today's digital landscape, keeping viewer's attention is a difficult task. Looping videos are a great way to keep your audience engaged; especially if it's as seamless and beautiful as the ones we made. Can you spot where the video loops?

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